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Solar Garden Luminaries

Enjoy my solar luminaries all year long. These garden lights, held by a four-foot wrought iron stand, will enhance your garden or walkway.

Four styles to choose from: Dragonfly, Sunflower, Snowflake, Daisy

Individual Solar Garden Luminary
Solar Garden Luminary $35.00

Solar Table Luminaries

These large solar lights look awesome on your deck or patio. In the dark they shoot out wondrous patterns of light, glowing all night.

Five styles to choose from: Dragonfly, Sunflower, Celestial, Snowflake, Daisy

Price $42 each or 2 for $80

Individual Solar Table Luminary
Solar Table Luminary $42.00
Two Solar Table Luminaries
Solar Table Luminaries 2 for $80.00

All luminaries come with a solar light and complete instructions.

Like most households, we would have a problem with ants coming into our kitchen during spring and summer. And like most households, would go out and buy ant cups. One day a few years ago, my husband Frank read the back of one of these ant traps and was amazed to see that it is 99% inert ingredients and 1% active ingredient, boric acid, available in any neighborhood pharmacy. Well-armed with that knowledge and a recipe for ant bait, he set up to do battle with the ants.

End of the story (well not quite). We were triumphant over the ants! But, had little patches of paper towel all over our kitchen and dining room. You see the paper is the medium onto which the ant bait was placed. Our house seemed never to be “picked up” because of these scraps of paper towel ant traps everywhere.

I decided to make little pots to hold the bait. They were so much more attractive than wads of paper towels everywhere, more economical than buying ants cups every year and better for the environment too.

Purchase Ant Bait Cups
Ant Bait Cups Package of 2 with Baiting Tips and Recipes for $25.00
Pattern as shown.

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